Wedding Terminology – Bridal Veil & Headpieces

8 Mar

The world of weddings can often appear to have a language all its own! Don’t worry; we are here to help you along the way and provide you with the right information for your upcoming wedding. Beginning with the bride’s many varying veil styles and headpieces, we are going to provide you, the inquisitive bride (or bride-to-be), with as many terms and their meanings to give you ample info to become accustomed with the lingo before you say ‘I do.’

{Backpiece} a very decorative comb that sits on the back of the bride’s head and is used for attaching the veil.

{Ballet} also known as a waltz, this refers to the veil length that falls between the bride’s knees & ankles.

{Blusher} a short, single layered veil that covers the bride’s face before the ceremony.

{Cathedral Veil} extends nine feet and due to its volume, often requires wide isles.

{Comb} a bridal headpiece that attaches to the head with teeth that is like a hair comb and can be as ornate as the bride wishes.

{Double Tier} a two-layered veil with one shorter than the other.

{Elbow} a veil length that extends to the bride’s elbow.

{Fascinator} a hair accessory that is worn to the side of the bride’s head and is usually made of feathers, flowers, whispy fabrics such as netting or tulle, crystals, beads, or ribbons and attaches with a comb or bobby pins.

{Finger Tip} a very popular veil length that extends to the bride’s fingers.

{Flyaway} a many-layered veil that will barely reach to the bride’s shoulders.

{Fountain} a veil style where part is gathered at the bride’s head and the rest falls around the face and can reach to either the shoulders or the elbow.

{Half Crown} an ornate headpiece that’s between a crown and a tiara in both size and weight.

{Mantella Veil} a Spanish-style veil that lays over the head vs. being attached with a comb.

{Mantilla} Spanish for “little cloak,” this shawl is made from either lace or tulle and is worn around the bride’s head and shoulders.

{Snood} a knitted net that holds the bride’s hair at the back of the head.


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