Role as Mother of the Bride

26 Mar

Tradition tells us that the mother of the bride carries out numerous roles. First and foremost, the mother of the bride should help to make sure that the wishes of the bride are carried out.  As difficult as it may be, keep in mind that this is not your wedding.  Giving your opinion to the bride is appropriate, but talking her out of something she adores may be overstepping bounds.

Now, with that said and out of the way, take a look at some of the roles you may find yourself taking on as your daughter prepares for her wedding day!

~    Help the bride and groom decide on ceremony and reception venues.

~     Compile names and addresses of family members for the Guest List.

~     Help the bride and groom decide on a budget.

~     Inform the mother of the groom of your colors and style of your wedding day         attire and coordinate with her.

~    As mother of the bride, you are hostess of the entire event!  You may want to          find a close friend to help or hire a wedding planner to aid in the process and          details so you can enjoy the wedding day as much as your daughter.

~     Stand in the receiving line greeting guests.

~     Last, but certainly not least, be a mom – laugh and cry with your daughter if             that’s what she needs!

To find out traditionally Who Pays for What, view our blog post!


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