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Something Old … Something New?

20 Apr

Something Borrowed... The bride had her mother's wedding gown remade into her rehearsal dinner dress!

Something Old ... A charm given by a family member - this could also be something new... people wouldn't know the difference!

“Something old,

something new,

something borrowed,

something blue,

and a sixpence in her shoe.”

Dating back possibly to the Victorian era, this little rhyme has been in the mind of probably every bride (especially if you saw that episode of Friends).  Each item is presented to the bride and she is supposed to carry it with her on her wedding day to bring good luck to the marriage.  If you’re curious as to the meaning of each, take a look below.

Something old... such as a handkerchief given by the mother or grandmother... carried by the bride!

~   Something old represents the bride’s connection to her past and her family.

~   Something new symbolizes optimism for her new life and the marriage ahead.

~   Something borrowed is usually provided from a happily married friend or member of her family as well as symbolizing the borrowed luck from this happy marriage into her new life.

Something Blue

~   Something blue has forever been a symbol of love, purity and modesty and has been associated with wedding because of this.

~ A sixpence in her shoe represents the wealthy and financial security for the marriage.  The sixpence was made of silver and worth six pennies.  The bride would carry it in her left shoe on the wedding day for luck. (You can even find some companies still selling sixpences for weddings!)


Wedding Cuisine… The Art of Eating

13 Apr

Everyone knows that one thing you are sure to look forward to at any wedding is the food!  The big question for you, the bride and groom, is what do you serve your guests?

This largely depends on budget, personal tastes and your preferences.  Wedding receptions vary just as largely as the couple getting married.  Menus can be big and fancy or as simple as a display of finger foods or a dessert reception.

Will you hire a caterer or choose to provide the food yourself? (Be sure to weigh advantages and disadvantages of both).  If you want less hassle and worries on your end, you’ll be paying a few more dollars, but by using a professional caterer, you’ll have someone making sure everything food related is as it should be (right temperatures, enough for your hungry guests, quality taste).  Is this going to be a sit down dinner or a buffet line?  Will it consist of finger-foods or a 5-course meal?  Does your venue provide catering or allow outside caterers?  Take any special requirements of your guests into consideration; you don’t want to leave anyone out!

Whether you decide to have a pro provide the food or you ask your friends and family to bring their top dishes, be sure to taste the food you’ll be providing your guests.  If your taste buds turn you off, look for something different!

Here are a few simple questions to ask a potential caterer:

  • Have you done events at my venue?
  • What’s the largest event you have catered?
  • What’s included in your per person fee?
  • Do you provide any tables, linens, glassware, china, silverware or napkins?
  • What are your gratuity and service charges?
  • Is a complimentary tasting included?
  • If my wedding runs over our scheduled time, what are the fees?
  • Can you accommodate special diets and/or allergies?
  • Do you provide décor and table decoration on your tables?
  • What happens to leftovers?
  • Do you charge a cake-cutting fee?
  • When is the final headcount due?

Since it is large appeal at your wedding, use careful consideration when choosing your cuisine as bad food can set a bad rep for your wedding day.  Do your research before you shop, take your time, and you’ll be sure to have a wonderful wedding reception!

Choosing Your Flowers

10 Apr

Along with everything else that must be considered for your wedding, the flowers you choose will play a vital role in your theme and presentation.  When choosing your flowers, there are a number of things to keep in mind: budget, which flowers support your theme and are overall pleasing to the eyes and nose, how well they will work with your gown, bridesmaids gowns, and venue, and that which is often overlooked, the meaning behind your flower choice.

Consider the season you are to be married in.  If you’re working on a budget, its better to use flowers that are in season as they will be more cost efficient.  If you want to use flowers that are out of season, they can generally be flown in, but the cost will greatly increase.

Most all flowers will have some sort of sentiment attached to them just as we discussed in our Meaning of Colors post. Below you’ll find a couple of our favorite links to give you an idea of what your flower choices are saying about your wedding and future.

Check out these two websites to give you a bit more help on choosing your flowers: The Knot &

One last helpful note, beware of weddings around Mother’s Day. Prices of flowers skyrocket… leaving you with the only choice to pay the high costs of shipping. Consider other weekends in May besides Mother’s Day and save that weekend for Mom.

The Meaning of Colors

6 Apr

If you’re trying to decide on a color scheme for your upcoming wedding, you may want to consider the color psychologyof it all …  meaning that colors can be very symbolic and have differing meanings depending on your background, culture and religious views.

Many brides will choose their colors based on color compatibility or simply the ones they love, but try going a step further and take a glimpse at a few common colors with significant meanings.

{White} A large symbol of purity, virtue, innocence, crisp, and clean, white is elegant and a renounced color symbolic of a wedding.

{Ivory}  Relaxing, quite and soft, ivory brings a sense of small warmth and a touch of elegance.

{Black} Represents modern, sexy, sophisticated, and gives a wedding a clean formal look.

{Gold}  An obvious symbol of wealth, luxury, grandeur, and warmth.

{Silver}  Represents conservative wealth, responsibility, intelligence, and reliability.

{Pink)  A largely popular color at weddings, pink represents the epitome of calm joyous love as well as femininity, harmony and gentleness. We love pink at Meagan Warren Weddings!

{Red}  A resounding symbol of love, sex, power, and passion, red, in other cultures, also symbolizes purity and good fortune.

{Yellow}  A symbol of optimism, cheerfulness, hope, and joy, yellow is highly associated with springtime and newness of life.

{Blue}  A wonderful calming and cooling color, blue represents serenity, spirituality, inspiration, and truth. Blue was also a well-known color to represent nobility.

{Aqua/Teal}  Fun, fresh and vibrant, aqua/teal represents youth, fidelity and the calming of the ocean. This color is often seen at weddings near or on the beach.

{Green}  Being the color of life, fertility, restfulness, luck, and harmony, green is often used in weddings to show a “new life” after the wedding.

{Purple}  A symbol of nobility, royalty, luxury, and wealth, purple also represents elegance and sophistication.

{Brown}  Representing stability, the outdoors, comfort, and warmth.

{Orange}  Happiness, creativity, heat, and energy is signified by orange.

When choosing the color palette for your upcoming nuptials, do consider complementary colors. These are colors opposite of each other on the color wheel that look great together… {orange | blue}, {purple | gold}, {pink | green}, etc. Mix ‘em up and just have fun!

Happy Planning,


Mother of the Groom

3 Apr

These days, the groom’s family doesn’t always take a back seat as they used to.  More is expected from the mother of the groom even though the mother of the bride has absorbed most of the duties.  Below you’ll find traditional duties for the mother of the groom.

~     When the engagement is first announced, call the                     mother of the bride and express your happiness over             the coming nuptials.

~     Begin compiling your family’s names and addresses to be added to the Guest           List.

~     Offer to help the bride and groom on ceremony and reception venues,                       especially if it will be held in your town.

~     It is tradition that the groom’s parents host the rehearsal dinner for those                 participating in the wedding as well as their spouse or significant other and               the parents of children in the wedding.

~     Stand in the receiving line greeting guests and introducing your new                             daughter-in-law and her family to yours.

~     Be a supportive shoulder for the mother of the bride.

~     Dance with the groom during the mother/son dance.

To find out traditionally who pays for what, view our blog post on just that!

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