Mother of the Groom

3 Apr

These days, the groom’s family doesn’t always take a back seat as they used to.  More is expected from the mother of the groom even though the mother of the bride has absorbed most of the duties.  Below you’ll find traditional duties for the mother of the groom.

~     When the engagement is first announced, call the                     mother of the bride and express your happiness over             the coming nuptials.

~     Begin compiling your family’s names and addresses to be added to the Guest           List.

~     Offer to help the bride and groom on ceremony and reception venues,                       especially if it will be held in your town.

~     It is tradition that the groom’s parents host the rehearsal dinner for those                 participating in the wedding as well as their spouse or significant other and               the parents of children in the wedding.

~     Stand in the receiving line greeting guests and introducing your new                             daughter-in-law and her family to yours.

~     Be a supportive shoulder for the mother of the bride.

~     Dance with the groom during the mother/son dance.

To find out traditionally who pays for what, view our blog post on just that!


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