The Meaning of Colors

6 Apr

If you’re trying to decide on a color scheme for your upcoming wedding, you may want to consider the color psychologyof it all …  meaning that colors can be very symbolic and have differing meanings depending on your background, culture and religious views.

Many brides will choose their colors based on color compatibility or simply the ones they love, but try going a step further and take a glimpse at a few common colors with significant meanings.

{White} A large symbol of purity, virtue, innocence, crisp, and clean, white is elegant and a renounced color symbolic of a wedding.

{Ivory}  Relaxing, quite and soft, ivory brings a sense of small warmth and a touch of elegance.

{Black} Represents modern, sexy, sophisticated, and gives a wedding a clean formal look.

{Gold}  An obvious symbol of wealth, luxury, grandeur, and warmth.

{Silver}  Represents conservative wealth, responsibility, intelligence, and reliability.

{Pink)  A largely popular color at weddings, pink represents the epitome of calm joyous love as well as femininity, harmony and gentleness. We love pink at Meagan Warren Weddings!

{Red}  A resounding symbol of love, sex, power, and passion, red, in other cultures, also symbolizes purity and good fortune.

{Yellow}  A symbol of optimism, cheerfulness, hope, and joy, yellow is highly associated with springtime and newness of life.

{Blue}  A wonderful calming and cooling color, blue represents serenity, spirituality, inspiration, and truth. Blue was also a well-known color to represent nobility.

{Aqua/Teal}  Fun, fresh and vibrant, aqua/teal represents youth, fidelity and the calming of the ocean. This color is often seen at weddings near or on the beach.

{Green}  Being the color of life, fertility, restfulness, luck, and harmony, green is often used in weddings to show a “new life” after the wedding.

{Purple}  A symbol of nobility, royalty, luxury, and wealth, purple also represents elegance and sophistication.

{Brown}  Representing stability, the outdoors, comfort, and warmth.

{Orange}  Happiness, creativity, heat, and energy is signified by orange.

When choosing the color palette for your upcoming nuptials, do consider complementary colors. These are colors opposite of each other on the color wheel that look great together… {orange | blue}, {purple | gold}, {pink | green}, etc. Mix ‘em up and just have fun!

Happy Planning,



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