Toasting Etiquette

9 May

Just as with most other things at a wedding, there is a proper etiquette to toasting!  It can be confusing if you’ve never heard of the “rules” associated with toasting.  So take a look at some guidelines to follow when either making or accepting a toast.

~      Traditional order for toasting: The bride’s father OR the best man, the groom thanking his father-in-law or best man and to his new wife, the maid of honor, the groom’s father (if not the best man), the bride, then any guests.

~      For an engagement party or rehearsal dinner, the host should make the first toast.

~      If you are the toastee, it isn’t proper to drink to yourself or raise your glass.  Stay seated and thank the one doing the toasting.

~     If the group is large or it’s a formal occasion, the toaster and toastee may stand together.

~      The host must attract the crowd’s attention before making his toast, which he does by standing and raising his glass-not by banging on a glass with a utensil. No matter how large and noisy the crowd, repeating “May I have your attention” as often as necessary is the more courteous option.

~     If you are doing the toasting, make sure the host has gone first and NEVER toast with water as this is vey unlucky.  Feel free to toast with any other beverage, even an empty glass!

~     Make sure that all the glasses are filled before toasting. The glasses don’t have to hold champagne or wine or any other alcoholic beverage; it’s perfectly fine for nondrinkers to toast with water, juice, or a soft drink. Even an empty glass is better than nothing.

~      Keep the toasts to about 3 minutes, short and sweet, avoid vulgarity, add humor, look people in the eye, and be sure to talk about both the bride and groom.

Here are a few of our favorite toasts… Enjoy!

Here’s to a sweetheart, a bottle, and a friend. 
The first beautiful, the second full, the last ever faithful.


Here’s to the bride and the groom!
May you have a happy honeymoon,
May you lead a happy life,
May you make a bunch of money soon,
And live without all strife.


A toast to love and laughter and happily ever after!


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