Wedding Day Tips

28 May

Courtesy of Michelle Gunton Photography.

For many brides, it’s quite easy to get caught up in all the chaos on your wedding day… hair, nails, making sure you have your shoes, etc. {Relax!}  Here are a few tips that you’ll probably tend to overlook; however, try to keep these important tips in mind on your wedding day.

~      Get enough sleep the night before!  Easy to say, hard to          do … we know, but it will help you feel so much better              in the morning.

~     Try not to drink too much at your rehearsal dinner…                 you don’t want to be hungover the day of your wedding!

~     Remember to keep food in your stomach!  Begin the day with a healthy meal           and try to eat small healthy snacks throughout the day.

~     Make an emergency kit that includes: back-up makeup, a sewing kit, a few                 bobby pins, a few safety pins, double-sided tape, clear nail polish, colored                 nail polish (if you or your bridesmaids happen to chip a toe nail!), an extra               set of hose or stockings, Excedrin, Tylenol, band-aids, tampons, tissues,                   breath mints, superglue (to mend any broken heels), a small bottle of water,           and hand lotion.

~     Keep lip balm handy.  Nervousness can cause dry lips.

~     Drink lots of water!

~     Bring a comfy pair of shoes to change into after the ceremony. Unless you                 were born to wear heels, you’ll feel much better after kicking them off and               putting on some dancing shoes!  Don’t leave your reception in blisters!

~     Take some time to relax!  Remember to have fun and keep the stress to                     minimum.  Soak in your wedding day and store all the wonderful moments to         memory!


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