How to Involve the Groom

11 Jun

Most brides-to-be find themselves doing most of the decision making when it comes to planning the wedding, but many would prefer to have their soon-to-be hubby help in the decisions to keep him involved in the planning.  Here are a few ways to keep his opinions in the mix!

Men respond better when given choices rather than saying, “You decide what flowers we should use.”  Find a few ideas you like and then run them by him.  It will be easier to get an opinion from him this way.  Of course, if your man has a certain hobby, play off of it!  Most men enjoy food, so have him brainstorm menu ideas.  If he’s into music, have him pick the songs for the reception.  Many brides will give the groom full power to decide on the honeymoon (you may be surprised and pleased with what he comes up with).  With some men, however, they need to be told what to do, so make him a list!

If nothing else, take him with you to food tastings, when looking at venues, hunting for a DJ or band, or any outing when his opinion could be used.  It’s always a great feeling when you can both come to a decision together!


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