Planning a Wedding with {Pinterest}

24 Jul

If you’re already knee-deep in planning your upcoming wedding, we’re sure you’ve become very familiar with the widely popular site Pinterest.  Changing the way today’s bride scopes for ideas on any and everything wedding related, Pinterest is able to provide the bride-to-be with hundreds of ideas from hair styles, wedding gowns, themes, favors, and so much more!  The ability to actually see how the big day should turn out can help settle rising nerves!

So the question is, how do you begin?  First, if you haven’t already joined the site, visit Pinterest and request an invitation.  Once you have joined, begin browsing the site for great brainstorming ideas!  Make sure your friends are also members so they can follow your pins and make comments as necessary on your recent pins.  This is a great source of communication if everyone can’t get together physically for a shopping outing.

To help keep you organized, have a board at the beginning stages for various ideas.  Once the theme/image of your wedding begins to take shape, create another board to help show your vendors what you’re interested in.  You can also create a board for your registries and pin specific items from various websites.  You can even add a bit for why you chose each item.  Remember, a key to planning a wedding is to stay organized.  So create separate boards for flowers, gowns, food, invitations, photo ideas you like, etc. Be creative!

Check out some of Meagan Warren Weddings’ Pinterest boards… and follow us to make sure you see all of our pins too. 

{Happy Pinning!}


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