Calligraphy Pros & Cons

31 Jul

Calligraphy by Paige Tanenbaum

The beautiful and elegant art form of calligraphy has been around for centuries, captivating the essence of formality, poise and charm customarily associated with a wedding. This classic art can easily be obtained by using various fonts found online; however, there are a number of pros and a few cons to using an actual calligrapher to address your wedding invitations.


When using a calligrapher, you can be sure that the invitations, table cards, programs, etc. will make a statement!  Breathing an air of tradition, calligraphy calls into the play the almost dying use of the hand-written word in a world consumed of the less formal email and text!  Each hand written piece is exceptionally unique and, at times by some of the most skilled, almost unmatchable by any computer calligraphy font.  There is also room for customization of lettering, which may not be available via a computer font.  If you’re color scheme calls for a light ink color on dark envelopes, a calligrapher will be able to hand-render this more effectively than a computer, as many printers (especially those at home) are unable to print light colors on dark stationary.


When deciding to use a calligrapher for your wedding invitations, it is very important to keep your budget in mind.  Often, calligraphers are used for formal weddings and can give your invitations an air of “we spared no expense.”  This assumption derives from the fact that the cost of using a calligrapher can be anywhere between $1.50 – $2.00 for the outside envelope to $3.00 or more for both inside and outside envelopes along with additional pricing for place cards, table numbers, programs, table stories, etc.  This can add up very quickly if you have a long guest list.  Pricing, of course, will vary depending on the calligrapher of your choosing.

Calligraphy by Shawna Riddle

It is also important to remember that if you decide to use a calligrapher, it is a general rule of thumb to give the calligrapher 2 weeks per 100 invitations {double envelopes} and usually longer if you are planning to have additional items hand written.   Booking a calligrapher several months in advance is essential in order to reserve a place within their schedule.  You will also need to provide additional envelopes/stationary in case of mistakes.  If you want the use of elegant hand-written calligraphy without going over your budget, do your homework and check online or chat with wedded friends.  You can also check out the various calligraphers featured on our blog!

If using a calligrapher falls short of your budget, you can still capture a similar appeal by using a calligraphy font easily attainable from various font sources online.  By doing this, you will also be use the same font on your envelopes, return labels, programs, table cards, etc. at a lower cost with a shorter turnaround time for completion. Another option is to ask friends, family members and such to see if they have unique and special handwriting… perhaps they can address your invitations as a wedding gift to you!

{Happy Planning!}


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