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{FREE} Wedding Invitation Samples

31 Aug


It’s never too soon to begin thinking about the type of wedding invitations you would like to have.  Often, it can help you establish a theme or guide you in how formal you want your wedding to be.  The type of invitation you send to your guests can say quite a bit about your wedding, so be sure your invitations convey the right message.

With the rising number of wedding invitation companies providing beaucoups of styles, colors, themes, sizes, etc, it can be difficult to find the one that best fits you and your hubby-to-be.  So, do as we do and order FREE SAMPLES!  If you’re browsing the web for free wedding invitation samples, you’re bound to find roughly 10-15 companies who are willing to send you anywhere between 3-8 sample invitations of your choosing.  Some companies only send their sample kit, but this, nonetheless, gives you a great idea about the company and their products!

After receiving your samples in the mail, take a few things into consideration.  How did the company ship your samples?  The care in which they sent their samples can give you an idea of the type of company you’re dealing with.  Also consider their presentation – were the samples placed into a folder with additional information on colors and paper choices or were they simply placed into a mailing envelope.  Did the company take time to add additional information that may help you in choosing your wedding invitations and did they include a discount on a future order if you purchase your invitations from them?

Most companies will allow you to reorder samples if the ones you choose are not to your liking.  So, take advantage of this great opportunity to hold the sample invitations in your hand to see the color and feel the paper!

Below are various companies that provide {FREE} wedding invitation samples:

~    123Print

~    Ann’s Bridal Bargains

~    Bed, Bath & Beyond

~    David’s Bridal

~    Exclusively Weddings

~    Hello Lucky

~    Invitation Warehouse

~    Invitations by Dawn

~    InviteSite

~    Lovely Little Invitations

~    MagnetStreet

~    Minted

~    Shop at Brides

~    Vistaprint

~    Wedding Paper Divas


Becoming A Mrs.

21 Aug

Katie, One of MWW’s Fabulous Interns!

Hi, Everyone!  My name is Katie and I am Meagan’s summer intern!  I have had such a blast this summer and I can’t even begin to say how much I have enjoyed working with Meagan!  I’m here today to guest blog about something that seems like it should be self-explanatory but is actually quite complicated!  Changing your name once you are married!

I naively thought it was something like “Sign here to change your name” and everything magically happened after that, but it’s not that easy!  Here is a summary of what I have learned from a great resource on weddings,

The first thing to remember is that there is some work to do before you are actually married.  When planning the honeymoon, make the reservations in your maiden name.  You may need to provide identification while checking in and whatnot and your new identification will not be ready yet!  Another pre-wedding task is changing your work contact information.  You may need to work with your HR representative to change your work e-mail, business cards, and any information on you that is found on a company website.

Next, is all of the official business.  You will first need to apply for a new Social Security card.  You can download the form at the social security website found here (  Once you fill out the form, just bring it to your local Social Security Administration Office. The closest one in downtown Columbia is located at 1835 Assembly Street, Columbia, SC.

After you have your new Social Security card, you can apply for a new license and vehicle registration.  Bring your marriage license, new Social Security card and your current driver’s license to the DMV with you.  There is a charge to change both your vehicle registration and license so have some form of payment on hand as well.

Next are some less-pressing issues but some that are still VERY important!

~ You are going to want to head back to HR and get your tax forms updated with your new Social Security card and driver’s license.  You will also want to fill out IRS form 8822, which pertains to changing your address and name on your tax return. Here is the link to find that form here (

~ If you already have a passport (perhaps you went somewhere exotic for your honeymoon?!) you are going to have to contact the Department of State to get that updated as well.  There are lots of special cases that involve a passport change so to ensure that you choose the right route, here is a link that gets you on the right track. (

~ Your voter registration card will need to be updated as well, this may vary state-to-state but for you South Carolina brides, here is your link:

~ Lastly, you will need to inform all organizations that you are a part of that your identification has been updated.  This can be done with a letter stating your old information, new information and a copy of your marriage license.  Some organizations you may want to consider are creditors, doctors, insurance companies, lawyers, and any organizations that you hold membership in.

And with all of that information, you are now ready to be a new woman (or the same woman with a new name!)  I hope this helped!  I know I learned a lot for the day my wedding Pinterest board becomes a reality!  Happy planning!


Wedding Guest Attire

11 Aug

The type of attire to wear to a wedding depends largely on the time of day it takes place.  Generally, a short dress in almost any color {except white} is deemed appropriate save a formal event occurring in the evening.  Unless otherwise stated on your invitation, the following will give you an idea of appropriate attire to wear depending on the time of day and formality of the event.

{For Women}  If the wedding takes place during the day and is either informal or semi-formal, a nice sundress dress will do.  During the evening hours [after 6pm] for both types, a cocktail dress is more appropriate. If it’s a formal daytime wedding, wear a short dress, but be sure it lacks an excess of sequins as this can make you appear overdressed.  A formal evening wedding requires a long formal or short cocktail dress with a touch of glam {think elegant and classy… such as a black tie affair!}

{For Men}  If the wedding is informal and takes place during the day, a dress shirt and dress pants should be worn [with possibly a bow tie or tie if you’re feeling up to it.]  For an informal evening or semi-formal day wedding, a nice suit is appropriate.  A semi-formal evening and formal day requires a dark suit and tie whereas a formal evening can mean a tuxedo if the invitation specifies a black tie event.  If the woman is wearing a short formal dress, then a dark suit will do for a formal evening.

The most formal attire for a wedding is white tie, which is usually specified on the wedding invitation.  For this event, women should wear floor-length evening/ball gowns while men dress in tailcoats, white shirt, white vest and tie, white gloves, and black opera shoes.

If you are still unsure of the type of attire appropriate for the wedding, try contacting other guests, those in the bridal party or even the bride and groom to make sure you’re chosen attire is on track!

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