Wedding Guest Attire

11 Aug

The type of attire to wear to a wedding depends largely on the time of day it takes place.  Generally, a short dress in almost any color {except white} is deemed appropriate save a formal event occurring in the evening.  Unless otherwise stated on your invitation, the following will give you an idea of appropriate attire to wear depending on the time of day and formality of the event.

{For Women}  If the wedding takes place during the day and is either informal or semi-formal, a nice sundress dress will do.  During the evening hours [after 6pm] for both types, a cocktail dress is more appropriate. If it’s a formal daytime wedding, wear a short dress, but be sure it lacks an excess of sequins as this can make you appear overdressed.  A formal evening wedding requires a long formal or short cocktail dress with a touch of glam {think elegant and classy… such as a black tie affair!}

{For Men}  If the wedding is informal and takes place during the day, a dress shirt and dress pants should be worn [with possibly a bow tie or tie if you’re feeling up to it.]  For an informal evening or semi-formal day wedding, a nice suit is appropriate.  A semi-formal evening and formal day requires a dark suit and tie whereas a formal evening can mean a tuxedo if the invitation specifies a black tie event.  If the woman is wearing a short formal dress, then a dark suit will do for a formal evening.

The most formal attire for a wedding is white tie, which is usually specified on the wedding invitation.  For this event, women should wear floor-length evening/ball gowns while men dress in tailcoats, white shirt, white vest and tie, white gloves, and black opera shoes.

If you are still unsure of the type of attire appropriate for the wedding, try contacting other guests, those in the bridal party or even the bride and groom to make sure you’re chosen attire is on track!


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