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Wedding Cuisine… The Art of Eating

13 Apr

Everyone knows that one thing you are sure to look forward to at any wedding is the food!  The big question for you, the bride and groom, is what do you serve your guests?

This largely depends on budget, personal tastes and your preferences.  Wedding receptions vary just as largely as the couple getting married.  Menus can be big and fancy or as simple as a display of finger foods or a dessert reception.

Will you hire a caterer or choose to provide the food yourself? (Be sure to weigh advantages and disadvantages of both).  If you want less hassle and worries on your end, you’ll be paying a few more dollars, but by using a professional caterer, you’ll have someone making sure everything food related is as it should be (right temperatures, enough for your hungry guests, quality taste).  Is this going to be a sit down dinner or a buffet line?  Will it consist of finger-foods or a 5-course meal?  Does your venue provide catering or allow outside caterers?  Take any special requirements of your guests into consideration; you don’t want to leave anyone out!

Whether you decide to have a pro provide the food or you ask your friends and family to bring their top dishes, be sure to taste the food you’ll be providing your guests.  If your taste buds turn you off, look for something different!

Here are a few simple questions to ask a potential caterer:

  • Have you done events at my venue?
  • What’s the largest event you have catered?
  • What’s included in your per person fee?
  • Do you provide any tables, linens, glassware, china, silverware or napkins?
  • What are your gratuity and service charges?
  • Is a complimentary tasting included?
  • If my wedding runs over our scheduled time, what are the fees?
  • Can you accommodate special diets and/or allergies?
  • Do you provide décor and table decoration on your tables?
  • What happens to leftovers?
  • Do you charge a cake-cutting fee?
  • When is the final headcount due?

Since it is large appeal at your wedding, use careful consideration when choosing your cuisine as bad food can set a bad rep for your wedding day.  Do your research before you shop, take your time, and you’ll be sure to have a wonderful wedding reception!

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