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{WNOK Bridal Expo… this Sunday!}

4 Jan

Make sure to join us this Sunday {January 6, 2013} for the fabulous WNOK Bridal Expo at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center. Doors open from 1:00 – 5:00 pm. Admission is $8.

ImageStop by our booth to receive a fabulous {favor} as well as enter your name in our drawing for a chance to win the Better Homes & Gardens New Cookbook Bridal Edition! Bring your fiances, girlfriends, moms and future mother-in-laws. It’s going to be a fabulous show!

Here’s a peek at a few of our past shows… see you Sunday!

Image  Image ImageImageImageHappy Planning,



{FREE} Wedding Invitation Samples

31 Aug


It’s never too soon to begin thinking about the type of wedding invitations you would like to have.  Often, it can help you establish a theme or guide you in how formal you want your wedding to be.  The type of invitation you send to your guests can say quite a bit about your wedding, so be sure your invitations convey the right message.

With the rising number of wedding invitation companies providing beaucoups of styles, colors, themes, sizes, etc, it can be difficult to find the one that best fits you and your hubby-to-be.  So, do as we do and order FREE SAMPLES!  If you’re browsing the web for free wedding invitation samples, you’re bound to find roughly 10-15 companies who are willing to send you anywhere between 3-8 sample invitations of your choosing.  Some companies only send their sample kit, but this, nonetheless, gives you a great idea about the company and their products!

After receiving your samples in the mail, take a few things into consideration.  How did the company ship your samples?  The care in which they sent their samples can give you an idea of the type of company you’re dealing with.  Also consider their presentation – were the samples placed into a folder with additional information on colors and paper choices or were they simply placed into a mailing envelope.  Did the company take time to add additional information that may help you in choosing your wedding invitations and did they include a discount on a future order if you purchase your invitations from them?

Most companies will allow you to reorder samples if the ones you choose are not to your liking.  So, take advantage of this great opportunity to hold the sample invitations in your hand to see the color and feel the paper!

Below are various companies that provide {FREE} wedding invitation samples:

~    123Print

~    Ann’s Bridal Bargains

~    Bed, Bath & Beyond

~    David’s Bridal

~    Exclusively Weddings

~    Hello Lucky

~    Invitation Warehouse

~    Invitations by Dawn

~    InviteSite

~    Lovely Little Invitations

~    MagnetStreet

~    Minted

~    Shop at Brides

~    Vistaprint

~    Wedding Paper Divas

Calligraphy Pros & Cons

31 Jul

Calligraphy by Paige Tanenbaum

The beautiful and elegant art form of calligraphy has been around for centuries, captivating the essence of formality, poise and charm customarily associated with a wedding. This classic art can easily be obtained by using various fonts found online; however, there are a number of pros and a few cons to using an actual calligrapher to address your wedding invitations.


When using a calligrapher, you can be sure that the invitations, table cards, programs, etc. will make a statement!  Breathing an air of tradition, calligraphy calls into the play the almost dying use of the hand-written word in a world consumed of the less formal email and text!  Each hand written piece is exceptionally unique and, at times by some of the most skilled, almost unmatchable by any computer calligraphy font.  There is also room for customization of lettering, which may not be available via a computer font.  If you’re color scheme calls for a light ink color on dark envelopes, a calligrapher will be able to hand-render this more effectively than a computer, as many printers (especially those at home) are unable to print light colors on dark stationary.


When deciding to use a calligrapher for your wedding invitations, it is very important to keep your budget in mind.  Often, calligraphers are used for formal weddings and can give your invitations an air of “we spared no expense.”  This assumption derives from the fact that the cost of using a calligrapher can be anywhere between $1.50 – $2.00 for the outside envelope to $3.00 or more for both inside and outside envelopes along with additional pricing for place cards, table numbers, programs, table stories, etc.  This can add up very quickly if you have a long guest list.  Pricing, of course, will vary depending on the calligrapher of your choosing.

Calligraphy by Shawna Riddle

It is also important to remember that if you decide to use a calligrapher, it is a general rule of thumb to give the calligrapher 2 weeks per 100 invitations {double envelopes} and usually longer if you are planning to have additional items hand written.   Booking a calligrapher several months in advance is essential in order to reserve a place within their schedule.  You will also need to provide additional envelopes/stationary in case of mistakes.  If you want the use of elegant hand-written calligraphy without going over your budget, do your homework and check online or chat with wedded friends.  You can also check out the various calligraphers featured on our blog!

If using a calligrapher falls short of your budget, you can still capture a similar appeal by using a calligraphy font easily attainable from various font sources online.  By doing this, you will also be use the same font on your envelopes, return labels, programs, table cards, etc. at a lower cost with a shorter turnaround time for completion. Another option is to ask friends, family members and such to see if they have unique and special handwriting… perhaps they can address your invitations as a wedding gift to you!

{Happy Planning!}

Planning a Wedding with {Pinterest}

24 Jul

If you’re already knee-deep in planning your upcoming wedding, we’re sure you’ve become very familiar with the widely popular site Pinterest.  Changing the way today’s bride scopes for ideas on any and everything wedding related, Pinterest is able to provide the bride-to-be with hundreds of ideas from hair styles, wedding gowns, themes, favors, and so much more!  The ability to actually see how the big day should turn out can help settle rising nerves!

So the question is, how do you begin?  First, if you haven’t already joined the site, visit Pinterest and request an invitation.  Once you have joined, begin browsing the site for great brainstorming ideas!  Make sure your friends are also members so they can follow your pins and make comments as necessary on your recent pins.  This is a great source of communication if everyone can’t get together physically for a shopping outing.

To help keep you organized, have a board at the beginning stages for various ideas.  Once the theme/image of your wedding begins to take shape, create another board to help show your vendors what you’re interested in.  You can also create a board for your registries and pin specific items from various websites.  You can even add a bit for why you chose each item.  Remember, a key to planning a wedding is to stay organized.  So create separate boards for flowers, gowns, food, invitations, photo ideas you like, etc. Be creative!

Check out some of Meagan Warren Weddings’ Pinterest boards… and follow us to make sure you see all of our pins too. 

{Happy Pinning!}

Departure Toss… {What to do?}

13 Jul

Throwing rice as a bride and groom departs has, until recently, been a long held tradition.  Rice was a symbol of a well wish as well as a lifetime full of many blessings.  When the myth that birds may explode if they ingested the rice came about, many couples decided to use birdseed instead.  Even though the concern was proven to be a myth, couples continue to venture away from using rice and try to use something unique for their departure toss.

Unfortunately, both birdseed and rice tend to get everywhere and not to mention a slipping hazard especially if slick floors are involved.  Another problem to consider if you’re using birdseed in an urban area – pigeons may descend in flocks when the seed is thrown.  A few great alternatives to using rice and birdseed include:

~    Flower petals

~    Bubbles

~    Glow sticks

~    Sparklers

~    Ribbon wands

~    Paper planes

~    Confetti

~    Fuzz balls

~    Rosemary or lavender

~    Cotton balls

~    Sequins

~    and even party crackers…

Be creative and original to your wedding and theme!

Formal/Informal Wedding

9 Jul

There are a number of things you can do to show the formality/informality of your wedding.  Generally, the number of people in your bridal party can give you an idea of how formal it may be.  The more you have, the higher probability of a more formal wedding.  You should also consider how the food is to be served.  For a more formal event, the food would be served while guests sit at their seats.  Less informal weddings include a buffet or smaller food set up.

Next, the type of venue you will be using and the time of the day it will be held can say quite a bit about the formality of a wedding.  More formal weddings usually take place in a church or place of the like during evening hours.  A semi-formal wedding often will have the ceremony outside with an inside/outside reception.

Also consider the attire that you, your fiancé and bridal party will be wearing.  If your gown is more formal, your fiancé is in a tux, your bridesmaids are in more formal dresses, and the groomsmen are wearing tuxes, it’s safe to say that you’re on your way to a formal event! If your ceremony will happen outside, remember to dress accordingly!  A very formal gown at a semi-formal wedding can make you appear out of place.

The style of your invitations will give your guests a big clue as to how they should dress for your wedding. The invitation is the first clue your guests receive to indicate what your wedding will be like. The more formal the invitations, the more formal they will expect your wedding to be.  If there could be confusion, be sure to add a sentence or two that gives your guest an idea of how you want them to dress. {Dressy Casual}{Cocktail Attire}…

Overall, the formality of your wedding will include a combination of the above.  Make sure you keep the flow – meaning don’t expect your guests to come dressed in long dresses and tails ready for dinner on the Titanic if your invitations are of a more simple nature.  Be sure the invitations, location, time of day, and your chosen attire convey how elaborate your wedding will be.

How to Involve the Groom

11 Jun

Most brides-to-be find themselves doing most of the decision making when it comes to planning the wedding, but many would prefer to have their soon-to-be hubby help in the decisions to keep him involved in the planning.  Here are a few ways to keep his opinions in the mix!

Men respond better when given choices rather than saying, “You decide what flowers we should use.”  Find a few ideas you like and then run them by him.  It will be easier to get an opinion from him this way.  Of course, if your man has a certain hobby, play off of it!  Most men enjoy food, so have him brainstorm menu ideas.  If he’s into music, have him pick the songs for the reception.  Many brides will give the groom full power to decide on the honeymoon (you may be surprised and pleased with what he comes up with).  With some men, however, they need to be told what to do, so make him a list!

If nothing else, take him with you to food tastings, when looking at venues, hunting for a DJ or band, or any outing when his opinion could be used.  It’s always a great feeling when you can both come to a decision together!

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