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{Wedding Highlight ~ Jenna & Josh}

31 Dec

So, this is my favorite couple EVER. I’m not gonna lie…. Jenna is my best friend. Of course, they’re my favorite couple. I was honored to be Jenna’s Matron of Honor for her Spring nuptials that took place on April 30, 2011 {the very day after Princess Kate and Prince William said ‘I do!’} What a fabulous wedding weekend all around!

Jenna and Josh got married in a beautiful, historic church in downtown Wilmington, NC with a reception that followed at St. Thomas Preservation Hall. Her colors consisted of turquoise and white…. And we {loved} the Krispy Kreme wedding cake. I also personally enjoyed making the bride’s jewelry for her to wear… and she borrowed my hair comb as her ‘Something Borrowed’… we love you Jenna and Josh!

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Vendor Love:

{Caterer}: Angie’s Catering

{DJ}:  Forever Productions

{Flowers}: Mother of the Groom

{Photographer}: Michelle Gunton Photography

{Venue}: St. Thomas Preservation Hall


Happy Planning,

Meagan0147 Wedding_wilmington_nc_michelle_gunton_photography


Adding the Rhyme to Your Wedding

1 May

The bride, Jenna, borrowed her Matron of Honor’s jeweled headpiece and her mother’s veil to wear at her wedding.

Now that we’ve discussed where this timeless traditioncomes from, here are a few ways to incorporate each into your wedding.

For the Something Old, popular ideas include using a family heirloom such as jewelry, a handkerchief, pictures of grandparents to be carried (or, if small enough, hung) with the bridal bouquet or placed in frames at the reception, or use pieces from your mother or grandmother’s wedding gown in your own.

The Something New part is generally pretty easy to include as many brides will use the new wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, or even a garter. A new pair of diamond earrings from the groom would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Something blue… fabulous shoes!

When deciding on Something Borrowed, usually you’ll want to choose someone who is happily married and close to you.  Items can include jewelry, a headpiece, hair bobbles, borrow a book from a friend for a passage to be used during the ceremony, or borrow your happily married friend’s son or daughter to be used as the ring bearer or flower girl in your wedding.

Another idea for ‘Something Blue’ for the gentlemen… {love!}

Something Blue can be used in a number of ways throughout a wedding.  If you don’t choose to have blue in your theme, then you can incorporate blue by wearing a blue garter, use blue ribbons in your bridal bouquet, wear blue heels (have your bridesmaids sign the bottom in blue Sharpie), use sapphire jewelry, or have blue in your wedding favors.

As for the Sixpence In Your Shoe, these can be easily bought online from a company or even eBay as they are still available to this day for brides to use on their wedding day!

Something Old … Something New?

20 Apr

Something Borrowed... The bride had her mother's wedding gown remade into her rehearsal dinner dress!

Something Old ... A charm given by a family member - this could also be something new... people wouldn't know the difference!

“Something old,

something new,

something borrowed,

something blue,

and a sixpence in her shoe.”

Dating back possibly to the Victorian era, this little rhyme has been in the mind of probably every bride (especially if you saw that episode of Friends).  Each item is presented to the bride and she is supposed to carry it with her on her wedding day to bring good luck to the marriage.  If you’re curious as to the meaning of each, take a look below.

Something old... such as a handkerchief given by the mother or grandmother... carried by the bride!

~   Something old represents the bride’s connection to her past and her family.

~   Something new symbolizes optimism for her new life and the marriage ahead.

~   Something borrowed is usually provided from a happily married friend or member of her family as well as symbolizing the borrowed luck from this happy marriage into her new life.

Something Blue

~   Something blue has forever been a symbol of love, purity and modesty and has been associated with wedding because of this.

~ A sixpence in her shoe represents the wealthy and financial security for the marriage.  The sixpence was made of silver and worth six pennies.  The bride would carry it in her left shoe on the wedding day for luck. (You can even find some companies still selling sixpences for weddings!)

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