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Departure Toss… {What to do?}

13 Jul

Throwing rice as a bride and groom departs has, until recently, been a long held tradition.  Rice was a symbol of a well wish as well as a lifetime full of many blessings.  When the myth that birds may explode if they ingested the rice came about, many couples decided to use birdseed instead.  Even though the concern was proven to be a myth, couples continue to venture away from using rice and try to use something unique for their departure toss.

Unfortunately, both birdseed and rice tend to get everywhere and not to mention a slipping hazard especially if slick floors are involved.  Another problem to consider if you’re using birdseed in an urban area – pigeons may descend in flocks when the seed is thrown.  A few great alternatives to using rice and birdseed include:

~    Flower petals

~    Bubbles

~    Glow sticks

~    Sparklers

~    Ribbon wands

~    Paper planes

~    Confetti

~    Fuzz balls

~    Rosemary or lavender

~    Cotton balls

~    Sequins

~    and even party crackers…

Be creative and original to your wedding and theme!


Formal/Informal Wedding

9 Jul

There are a number of things you can do to show the formality/informality of your wedding.  Generally, the number of people in your bridal party can give you an idea of how formal it may be.  The more you have, the higher probability of a more formal wedding.  You should also consider how the food is to be served.  For a more formal event, the food would be served while guests sit at their seats.  Less informal weddings include a buffet or smaller food set up.

Next, the type of venue you will be using and the time of the day it will be held can say quite a bit about the formality of a wedding.  More formal weddings usually take place in a church or place of the like during evening hours.  A semi-formal wedding often will have the ceremony outside with an inside/outside reception.

Also consider the attire that you, your fiancé and bridal party will be wearing.  If your gown is more formal, your fiancé is in a tux, your bridesmaids are in more formal dresses, and the groomsmen are wearing tuxes, it’s safe to say that you’re on your way to a formal event! If your ceremony will happen outside, remember to dress accordingly!  A very formal gown at a semi-formal wedding can make you appear out of place.

The style of your invitations will give your guests a big clue as to how they should dress for your wedding. The invitation is the first clue your guests receive to indicate what your wedding will be like. The more formal the invitations, the more formal they will expect your wedding to be.  If there could be confusion, be sure to add a sentence or two that gives your guest an idea of how you want them to dress. {Dressy Casual}{Cocktail Attire}…

Overall, the formality of your wedding will include a combination of the above.  Make sure you keep the flow – meaning don’t expect your guests to come dressed in long dresses and tails ready for dinner on the Titanic if your invitations are of a more simple nature.  Be sure the invitations, location, time of day, and your chosen attire convey how elaborate your wedding will be.

Top First Dance Songs of 2012

7 Jun

Photograph courtesy of Dave Gilbert Photography

Often the bride and groom will share their first dance to a song that has special meaning to them.  Other times, the couple will pick from a variety of popular songs.  The top first dance songs of 2012 were revealed in January of this year and were based off a list of recently married or soon-to-be married couples.  Check out the list below and listen to them for free provided by MySpace music.


  1. At Last by Etta James
  2. Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley
  3. Marry Me by Train
  4. You & Me by Dave Matthews Band
  5. All My Life by K-Ci & JoJo tied with Lucky by Jason Mraz, The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra and Then by Brad Paisley

Wedding Day Tips

28 May

Courtesy of Michelle Gunton Photography.

For many brides, it’s quite easy to get caught up in all the chaos on your wedding day… hair, nails, making sure you have your shoes, etc. {Relax!}  Here are a few tips that you’ll probably tend to overlook; however, try to keep these important tips in mind on your wedding day.

~      Get enough sleep the night before!  Easy to say, hard to          do … we know, but it will help you feel so much better              in the morning.

~     Try not to drink too much at your rehearsal dinner…                 you don’t want to be hungover the day of your wedding!

~     Remember to keep food in your stomach!  Begin the day with a healthy meal           and try to eat small healthy snacks throughout the day.

~     Make an emergency kit that includes: back-up makeup, a sewing kit, a few                 bobby pins, a few safety pins, double-sided tape, clear nail polish, colored                 nail polish (if you or your bridesmaids happen to chip a toe nail!), an extra               set of hose or stockings, Excedrin, Tylenol, band-aids, tampons, tissues,                   breath mints, superglue (to mend any broken heels), a small bottle of water,           and hand lotion.

~     Keep lip balm handy.  Nervousness can cause dry lips.

~     Drink lots of water!

~     Bring a comfy pair of shoes to change into after the ceremony. Unless you                 were born to wear heels, you’ll feel much better after kicking them off and               putting on some dancing shoes!  Don’t leave your reception in blisters!

~     Take some time to relax!  Remember to have fun and keep the stress to                     minimum.  Soak in your wedding day and store all the wonderful moments to         memory!

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